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Documentary about Hazrat Kaka Sahib
October 29, 2020

Documentary about Hazrat Kaka Sahib (Sufi Saint)

Hazrat Kakasahib was a great mystic, his name is well known in sufism. He spent all his life for the people. Studying Hazrat Kaka Sahib's life we come through some of his inspirations one of which was his attachment to the life of Prophet Muhammad's (Peace Be Upon Him). He volunteered his life for the humanity and preached the religion Islam to thousands. Hazrat KakaSahib was born in the month of Ramadan in 983AH. He is the son of Hazrat Shaikh Bahadur Baba, His name is Sayed Kasteer Gul, but he is known as Hazrat KakaSahib, Zairay Kaka and Sheikh Rahamkar.

Narrator: Asif Shehzad

Script and Produced by: Ezaz Ali Khan Gohar

PBC Peshawar Production