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India launches massive propaganda to malign Sikhs for Justice
January 12, 2022

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India has launched a massive propaganda to malign the Sikhs for Justice and with objectives to get it banned in the United States after a series of successful Khalistan referendums.

According to foreign media reports, Indian authorities have also arrested Jaswinder Singh Multani, a prominent member of Sikhs for Justice, allegedly for his involvement in a blast in a Ludhiana court, and for hatching a conspiracy to target locations in Delhi and Mumbai from Belgium.

The Sikhs for Justice has also distanced itself from the incident.

Indian media including the Hindustan Times reported that several arrests have also been made inside India to quell the movement.

On the other hand, the US administration in a report has refused to accept the Indian narrative of labeling the Khalistan movement as terrorism. The US govt did not include any pro-Khalistan group on India’s wish list posing any terrorist threat.

A spokesman of the Sikhs for Justice told US media that  Khalistan is a political opinion and its peaceful advocacy is not terrorism.   

However, the western democracies like UK, US and Canada continued to allow SFJ and its referendum activities as an expression of political opinion under the freedom of expression.