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Laddakh: Protests continue against Indian PM's discriminatory policies
April 13, 2024

Protests are continuing in Laddakh against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's discriminatory policies.

After removing the special status of occupied Kashmir, Indian government is now repeating the same process in Laddakh.

Residents of Laddakh are taking to the streets, denouncing Modi government plans to centralize control from Delhi and implement new regulations.

At the heart of the demonstrations is a fear of losing Ladakh's unique identity and facing potential environmental degradation due to proposed policy changes.

In addition to socio-political concerns, protesters cite economic challenges, including inflation and unemployment, worsening the region's woes.

Local leaders have criticized the government's heavy-handed response, accusing it of suppressing protests through the deployment of a significant police and paramilitary presence.

The protestors said Indian government is trying to hide its illegal actions from the world by arresting the youth in Laddakh, shutting down the internet and cracking down on protesters.  They said Modi government is pursuing extremist policies.