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Experts hail Pakistan’s approach calling for restraint after Iranian strikes on Israel
April 14, 2024

Dr. Muhammad Khan (IR Expert): Iranian strikes on Israel are justified as it is Israel that has traditionally been an aggressor in the Middle East. Israel killed Israeli diplomatic staff in third countries on many occasions. Western capitals have already put their weight behind Israel and the Jewish state has been committing genocide of Palestinians with the open support of West. They have killed around forty thousand innocent Palestinians, mostly women and children. In the Iranian attack, there is no report of any major loss to Israel and it seems this conflict will not aggravate further. Unfortunately, Muslim countries have been quite over the Israeli atrocities and have not put enough pressure on Tel Aviv to stop it from killing Palestinians. This has led to anger in the Muslim populations worldwide. Pakistan has called for restraint in the conflict so that it does not escalate.

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): It was not easy for Iran to tolerate Israeli attack on its diplomats in a third country. That is why they gave a full scale response in order to deter Israel from committing such acts in future again. However, Iran does not want the conflict to escalate and that is why it said its mission is concluded. The response of Western countries was understandable as they are fully backing Israel in its transgressions. Pakistan has given a sagacious response by urging all sides to restrain.