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Analysts laud government’s initiative to organize fourth International Textile & Leather exhibition in Karachi
May 26, 2023

Mirza Ikhtiar baig (Economist): 

Textile is the backbone of Pakistan's economy. But, unfortunately from the last few years our textile exports have not increased because of the Covid and other reasons. It was a very good thing that the Ministry of Commerce organized this textile fair. Some of the prominent buyers from all over the world were invited. It is very impressive that Pakistan is exporting textile products like jeans and T-shirts on one hand, but on the other hand Pakistan is also exporting leather goods. The Prime Minister also met the business community during the expo. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that the textile sector is the backbone of the national economy and assured that his government will extend full support to boost export and national economy.            

Najmul-ul-Saqib (Former Diplomat): 

The last government made some mistakes during its tenure. Those were huge steps taken by Islamabad and almost unnecessary. For instance, you were there as Prime Minister of Pakistan when Russian President Vladimir Putin was about to launch war against Ukraine. Secondly, US President Joe Biden invited you to attend the summit of democracy which was declined.