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Analysts laud security forces’ role in eliminating terrorism, promoting peace
July 09, 2024

Brig (Retd) Rashid Wali (Defense Analyst): The sacrifices of our forces continuing against the menace of terrorism. The operation in North Waziristan reminds us that terrorism still exists in our motherland. The operations against the militants are a bit difficult as the terrorists are equipped with modern technology weapons and target innocent people to create an environment of fear and Horror. Moreover, Pakistan shares long borders with Iran and Afghanistan so terrorists have a wide area to enter in Pakistan. Our resilient armed forces and the nation are determined to wipe out the menace of terrorism from the country by all means.

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): I would like to express my condolences over the martyrdom of another young army officer. Our forces have been fighting a tough war against terrorism but our forces are still determined to eliminate the menace of terrorism from its roots. Our enemies are supporting and financing the militants to carry out terrorist activities in order to destabilize Pakistan. The nation is motivated and supporting our armed forces in the fight against terrorism. It is unfortunate that some elements are using social media platforms to defame our forces. It is the responsibility to discourage youth from being part of any anti-Pakistan propaganda. Unfortunately, the Afghan soil is being used by the militants for nefarious designs against Pakistan. The interim government in Afghanistan needs to take action against the elements using its soil against other countries. The Pakistani nation is resilient and will never tolerate any conspiracy against the country and the security forces.