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Analysts term Pakistan’s apt response to undue Iranian aggression as appropriate and unavoidable
January 18, 2024

Brig (Retd) Ahmed Saeed Mihas (Defense Analyst):  Pakistan gave a befitting response against the Iranian aggression by carrying out effective strikes against hideouts inside Iran used by terrorists. Pakistan's response was unexpected by Iran and came from nowhere. Iran has admitted carrying out a missile and drone attack on western Pakistan. There may be some reasons behind the Iranian act. Firstly, Iran is facing economic sanctions from the world and is frustrated. Secondly, since the start of the Gaza conflict, Iran could not go as per expectations of Palestinian people. Thirdly, the Indian Foreign Minister visited Iran and could have played with Iranian sentiments. The attack in Kerman in southern Iran killed 84 people and wounded many more. Last but not the least, Iran is under pressure because of the world's action against the Houthis, so Iran wants to show the world its military muscles. From now on, Pakistan needs to be cautious until and unless Iran admits its blunder and apologies internationally over its unethical act. Pakistan has given a good response at the right time. The Islamic countries need to sit together and sort a way out of this situation. 

Hasham Bin Siddiq (Former Ambassador): Pakistan acted responsibly and gave a matching response against the Iranian aggression. No sovereign country could allow any other country to intervene into its territorial integrity. In the past, Iran has violated the ground space in Pakistan but we express restraint. Keeping in view the situation in the Middle East, Iran in the state of frustration tried to show its muscles but got a befitting response. The Indian act of drone attack in Pakistan was based on the miscalculations by the Iranians. I think sanity will prevail and both the countries will sit on the negotiation table to resolve the issue amicably. 

Dr. Aqila Asif (IR Expert): Pakistan and Iran are the two important countries in the region and share the history of brotherhood. The prevailing tensions between the two countries are of serious concerns. Terrorism is a global issue and both the countries have been the victim of this menace. The countries need to respect each other's sovereignty and independence. There is a dire need that Iran must review its foreign policy as it is already facing global sanctions. The entire world including the United States is condemning the Iranian act of attacking Pakistan's territory. 

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): If Pakistan has not responded to the Iranian aggression, the nation would have never been satisfied. Iran, India and Afghanistan are involved in promoting terrorism in Pakistan. The militant organizations like BLA and BLF have safe hideouts in Iran and use Iranian soil for terrorist activities in Balochistan. The apprehended Indian agent Kulbhushan Yadhav was also using Iranian soil and running the network of the militants in order to sabotage CPEC. However, the professionalism of our forces is very clear that there will be no compromise on the country's integrity and sovereignty. Our forces also responded to Indian aggression back in 2019. Meanwhile, today our forces only targeted the militant hideouts in Iran and neither targeted the civil population. The people of Pakistan are happy and termed the strong response to Iran as satisfactory. 

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): There is a proper intelligence sharing mechanism between Iran and Pakistan but it seems that Iran has intentionally violated our airspace. The presence of the Indian Foreign Minister along with the RAW officials in Iran two days before the Iranian drn=one attacks in Pakistan is concerning. Iran must not disturb its relations with the neighboring country in the direction of another country. Pakistan gave a well calibrated response to Iran. We have already told Iran that some militant organizations have hideouts in Iran and urged the Iranian government to take action against them but Iran never responded in a positive way. I think the negotiation is the only way to get out of the prevailing situation in order to avoid escalation in future.