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Strengthening UN, OIC cooperation to help highlight Kashmir, Palestine issues: Analysts
November 22, 2022

A M Shahid (Former Ambassador)

The United Nations is the largest international organization for the cooperation among the world countries, whereas the OIC is the second largest, so there are a lot of areas where both can work together. As most of the countries are the members of both the organizations.  Both of the organizations can work together in many areas including economy, trade, business, climate change, terrorism, etc. This is a good omen for the world. Ambassador Munir Akram presented this resolution, which was adopted by all concerned member states. Pakistan is a very active member in UN as well as in the OIC. When it comes to regional and international connection, all countries look towards Pakistan. The COP27 is one of the examples, where Pakistan highlighted the issue of climate justice. This is sure, the cooperation among 193 countries' community and 57 countries' community will be beneficial, as they would not only help each other but also Pakistan. Pakistan has been able to raise Kashmir resolution on the OIC platform and these resolutions has been more or less adopted consensus on this platforms. So, when this issue will be raised in the UN, there will be a larger audience to act upon it. But, it depends that how Pakistan can benefit from such a development and bring this issue to the UN agenda.


Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador)

The collaboration between the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is very fortunate, as many of the OIC members are also the members of the UN, so UN is a bigger umbrella organization. Whereas, any issue raised in the OIC couldn't be institutionalized. But, as we are facing multiple issues not limited to Kashmir, Palestine, Islamophobia, atrocities on Muslim minorities, etc. So these issues, when raised on these platforms, will definitely bring engagement from other countries and will also contribute to the mandate of the UN to keep peace among each country. Definitely, when the consultation and engagement will be made at the government and multilateral levels, there will be many avenues of engagement among the world and we can tell them our perspective by doing as much engagement and consultation as we can. Whenever a seminar or summit of OIC is held, the representatives of the observer organizations of the UN remain present there. There are some problems at our end and we can gain support from them. As we have to uplift overall human standards, which also include women empowerment and rights of minorities. Therefore, this institutional arrangement will definitely bring important improvement.