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27th death anniversary of Munir Hussain observed
September 27, 2022

Renowned film singer of the country Munir Hussain's twenty-seventh death anniversary is being observed on Tuesday.

Munir Hussain was an outstanding playback singer, who lent his voice to many immortal songs for Urdu and Punjabi movies from 1957 to 1965.

Munir Hussain worked in the Pakistani film industry for 38 years and sang Punjabi and Urdu songs.

His duet song for the film Heer Ranjha titled ‘Wanjli Walarya’ with Noor Jehan earned him enormous recognition.

His other song ‘Qarar Lootnay Walay’ from film 'Saat Laakh' also remained on the popularity charts.

He also sang Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poem ‘Nisar main teri galiyon pe’ for film Shaheed.

Munir Hussain died on September 27, 1995 in Lahore.