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Youm-e-Takbeer: Analysts hail nation’s ‘unwavering determination’ to make Pakistan invincible
May 28, 2024

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): There are many controversies going on and many are trying to take credit for the nuclear explosion. But at the end, it was the Prime Minister of that time Mian Nawaz Sharif who did not accept the international pressure and turned down the offer of financial assistance for not conducting nuclear tests and upheld the stake of the nation. The armed forces and nuclear scientists greatly contributed in making the nuclear tests successful. I remember that before the nuclear explosions on 28th May, 1998 the Indian defense minister in a press conference stated that we have no issue except that Pakistan evacuate AJK and if Pakistan does not then we will have to use our force. After the successful nuclear explosions, India changed its earlier statements and expressed willingness to resolve all outstanding issues with Pakistan through dialogue. The fact is that Pakistan’s nuclear tests not only demonstrated the nation’s resolve to safeguard its territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty but also highlighted the desire to preserve strategic balance in South Asia. Pakistan is committed to promoting an environment of peace and stability in South Asia while preserving its capability to deter aggression or adventurism in any form. 28th May will always be a memorable and historic day when Pakistan emerged as the first Islamic country as a nuclear power.

Ziaullah Shah (Leader, PML-N): 28th May 1998 was the historic day in the history of Pakistan when Pakistan conducted nuclear blasts in response to Indian nuclear tests and turned down international pressure in this regard. Pakistan emerged as the only Islamic nuclear power in the world. The defense system of Pakistan is in the safe hands and only for its self-defense. Once again the country is passing through difficult phase and the government is making all out efforts to bring the country out of the crises. The inflation is on the decline and the prices of commodities also declining. I am hopeful that due the prudent policies of the government, Pakistan will be among the developed countries in the world.