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Analysts praise Pakistan’s rich contributions to international peacekeeping missions
May 29, 2024

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): Pakistan has always played a pivotal role in the UN peacekeeping missions. Despite facing security threats on our eastern and western fronts, we have always contributed to the UN peacekeeping missions. The UN has acknowledged our sacrifices and role in global peace. The UN peacekeepers are always welcomed by Pakistan and Islamabad allows them to visit the Line of Control (LOC), but unfortunately India restrains them from visiting its side of LOC. We believe that all the states should be invited to the current UN peacekeeping meeting too, so that they could witness Pakistan's role in peace and stability. Many personnel of the Pakistani peacekeeping troops have embraced martyrdom while performing the duties. However, Pakistan has earned huge respect from the world because of its professionalism. Pakistani peacekeepers have left no stone unturned in the noble cause of helping humanity, building peace and bringing stability across the regions under the banner of the United Nations.

Tariq Osman Hyder (Former Ambassador): Pakistan has been playing a very important role in world peacekeeping missions over the years. We continue to be involved in various operations mandated by the UN. Our police and medical personnel have also provided valuable services for these international missions. A number of Pakistani peacekeepers have laid down their lives while dispensing their duties in different countries. Pakistan’s valuable services have been recognized by the UN peacekeeping office and other int’l organisations. Very professional personnel are deputed in the peacekeeping missions in order to represent Pakistan and improve the image of the country across the globe. The UN Secretary General and other UN officials have appreciated the role of Pakistani peacekeeping missions on a number of occasions.