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Afghanistan should not allow its soil to be used against Pakistan: Analysts
December 02, 2022

Najamuddin Shaikh (Former Ambassador): The recent visit of Pakistani Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar was very important in the present context. Afghanistan is in a weaker position as it is solely dependent on Pakistan to connect to the world. Afghanistan has taken a path, unfortunately, that is very difficult to understand. We see that lately they have published a new map of Greater Afghanistan which includes large parts of present-day Pakistan. There is an upsurge in terrorist attacks in Pakistan orchestrated from Afghanistan. These unfriendly acts of Afghanistan will do no good for bilateral relations. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic and multi-faith country and it needs a government representing all sides. We must be very careful as we share a long border to Afghanistan. In the meantime, we should continue providing assistance to Afghanistan and keep engaging them.  

A. M. Shahid (Former Ambassador): During the visit of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs to Afghanistan, she was assured that Afghan soil would not be used against Pakistan. Afghan leadership is committed to good relations with Pakistan. However, some elements within Afghanistan want to create disruption in bilateral relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan. I am sure Afghan government would condemn the recent attack on Pakistan embassy in Kabul and hold proper investigation into it. Pakistan and Afghanistan share a long border and both are intertwined in religious, cultural and social bonds. Hopefully, relations between both the countries will improve over the passage of time.