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Analysts emphasize the need for national cohesion to defeat the menace of terrorism
February 03, 2023

Dr Muhammad Khan (IR Expert): It is a great initiative of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif of inviting all political parties and calling for national unity against terrorism. Our country is passing through a very difficult time and the current wave of terrorism has further deteriorated the situation. It is the high time that all political leadership and other stakeholders including military leadership to sit together and devise a comprehensive strategy to bring the country out of this difficult situation. After an invitation by Prime Minister, now it is the responsibility of opposition especially Chairman PTI Imran Khan to reciprocate this goodwill gesture and participate in All Parties Conference in greater interest of country. Pakistani nation is very resilient and will stand against this growing menace of terrorism.  Now it is the time to crush this element of terrorism once for all. We have already suffered a huge loss in terms of causalities and billions of dollars economy during war against terrorism.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert): The current situation in the country demands a broad based consensus of all the political stakeholders on all challenges including the current resurgence of terrorism. It is a very timely and courageous decision of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif of convening All Parties Conference to discuss the ways to come out of the current challenges especially the menace of terrorism. There must be strong coordination among the state institutions in order to give a strong response to the militants. The nation is mature and knows how to get united against the threats to the country. There is a dire need to be united and defeat the terrorism from the country. All political leadership should set aside their petty differences and sit together for devising mechanism to defeat the challenge of terrorism.