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Analysts regret non-serious attitude of PTI chairman in holding dialogue with the government
December 03, 2022

Siddique ul Farooq (Leader, PML-N): Unfortunately, Imran Khan still considers him captain of a cricket team and wants to deal with politics in the same manner. There should be no preconditions in the negotiations. The government has expressed willingness to hold unconditional and serious talks with PTI for the sake of political stability in the country. When the present government was in the opposition, it unconditionally supported the then Imran Khan's government in power on the issue of TLP, sit-in, Abhinandan issue and in Covid-19 pandemic. It is my advice that the PTI Chairman should show flexibility in his attitude. The government is ready to make electoral reforms through mutual consensus. 

Rana Ihsaan Afzal (SAPM): All the political problems are resolved through dialogue rather than holding protests on the streets to pressurize the government. I am of the opinion that early elections cannot be held just because of the blackmailing of a political party. The appropriate way is that PTI members should come to the parliament and play a role in devising a comprehensive framework for the next general elections. After this, the results of general elections will be accepted by all the political parties. Right now, the PTI is threatening the government to hold snap elections. With such politics, democracy can never strengthen in the country. The previous government was responsible for the liquidity crunch of the dollar due to its non-commitment with the IMF. The former Prime Minister is responsible for all the diplomatic disengagement with the friendly countries, including Saudi Arabia and China. In my opinion, the solution to the prevailing issues in the country is not the elections. Let the government do its job and fill the trust deficit with the international organizations and friendly countries. I am hopeful that the coalition government will manage to bring the country out of all the crises.