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Analysts urge Afghanistan to take strong measures against terrorist groups in the country
December 04, 2022

Brig. (Retd.) Saad Muhammad (Defense Analyst): It was a serious situation in which Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul was attacked. It is responsibility of the Afghan government to ensure the security of Pakistani diplomats in Afghanistan. It is not the first time that Pakistan’s diplomats have been targeted. Afghan authorities have apprehended some suspicious elements, but on the other hand IS-K has claimed responsibility of the attack. The terrorist groups operational in Afghanistan are targeting Pakistan. Afghan authorities should take serious action against such elements. Unfortunately, Afghan authorities have not taken serious steps to curb the menace of terrorism. They had agreed in Doha to take action against unscrupulous elements present within their country. We must make plans to make Pakistan secure and go to root cause of terrorism. Pakistan is politically unstable at the moment which has allowed the space to such groups to operate. Some political elements are also maligning the institution of army. This trend can demoralize our soldiers. There is also a problem of lack of proper coordination between federal and provincial governments even on matters of national security and importance.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch (Spokesperson, FO): Pakistani authorities are constantly in touch with their counterparts in Afghanistan and all aspects of this incident are being explored. The claim made by IS-K is being looked at from all angels. Pakistan’s mission and diplomats in Kabul and around the world should be protected by the host governments. We hope Afghan government will take all necessary measures for the protection of our diplomats and will apprehend the criminals involved in this heinous attack. Pakistan has time and again said that it wants peace in Afghanistan as it is linked with peace and security in our country. Pakistan has been fighting successfully against the menace of terrorism for the last many years and will continue to do so.