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Analysts urge all political parties to develop mutual consensus on national interests
March 05, 2024

Lt Gen (Retd) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): 

There is no doubt that the terrorism remains the biggest challenge for Pakistan and we have offered unprecedented sacrifices for the sake of peace and prosperity in the country. It is a fact that countering terrorism is not the responsibility of the security forces only but every individual and community needs to play its role in coping terrorism. The law enforcement agencies have responded to the nefarious designs of anti-Pakistan elements in a befitting way with the support of the nation. With the formation of the new government in Pakistan, I am hopeful that stability will return to Pakistan. Every politician must work for the national interests putting behind the political differences. The international, national and regional issues pertaining to peace and stability in Pakistan must have been discussed in the corps commander conference.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): 

A strong message through corps commander conference has been conveyed to the world that elements involved in anti-Pakistan propaganda must be dealt with iron hands. Meanwhile, the culprits involved in 9th May incidents must also be brought to justice. After peaceful elections, the new government has been formed. It is the need of the hour that the opposition parties must support the government for the sake of national interests to bring the country on the right track.

Brig (Retd) Rashid Wali (Defense Analyst): 

Professional issues related to security of the country were discussed in the corps commander conference. The participants discussed the national issues and challenges and it is made clear that culprits involved in 9th May incidents will have to face the music. Strict actions will be taken against the elements involved in baseless propagandas against our security forces. Pakistan is in dire need of political and economic stability at this point of time. All the political parties must have to develop a mutual consensus on national interests.