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Analysts urge int’l community to take India to task on its state sponsored terrorist activities
January 25, 2024

Brig (R) Babar Alauddin (Defense Analyst): The security agencies of Pakistan have once again achieved a milestone by tracing a network of Indian agency RAW involved in the killing of innocent Pakistani citizens. This is very unfortunate and dangerous for the peace of South Asia. Pakistan has time and again tried to sensitize the world about Indian nefarious designs of destabilizing other countries. This fact has now been proved after such vicious plans were unearthed in Canada and USA. Indian spy agency RAW has strong presence in Europe and USA where it launches its nefarious operations. It is high time that international community should pressurize India to stop its state sponsored terrorism.

Naghmana Hashmi (Former Ambassador): Pakistan has been exposing Indian state sponsored terrorist activities before world community since very long. Now, once again Pakistan’s security agencies have unearthed the network of target killers involved in the assassination of innocent Pakistani citizens. These citizens were exposing Indian human rights violations and crimes in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has once again claimed irrefutable and credible proof of Indian involvement in the killing of Pakistani citizens Shahid Lateef and Muhammad Riaz. The target killers were being operated by Indian handlers from a third country. It is now the responsibility of International community to come forward and push India to stop interfering in affairs of other states.

Brig (R) Rashid Wali: India has once again fully exposed in its state sponsored terrorist activities against other states. Indian spy agency RAW not only engaged in destabilizing its neighbors including Pakistan but also has strong presence in Europe and USA where it launches its nefarious operations. This is a very serious development. It is similar to the killing of Indian Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar on the soil of Canada and an unsuccessful assassination attempt in USA. This is a clear cut violation of International Law and UN Security Council resolutions. Whatever BJP’s Hindutava government is doing against their own minorities inside India, it’s now being exported to other countries. The Indian agencies are using multiple channels which needed to be broken. The tangible evidence of Indian involvement should be highlighted on every international level including UN forums. Pakistan should actively highlight the Indian sponsored terrorism to dissuade India from spreading this proxy warfare to other countries.