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Analysts urge all stakeholders to sit together & develop mutual consensus to overcome challenges
February 26, 2024

Maqbool Elahi Malik (Senior Analyst):

It is good development that Punjab and Sindh assemblies have formed governments in respective provinces. The Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Chief Minister have been elected in the Punjab assembly. Meanwhile, Syed Murad Ali Shah has also been elected as Chief Minister Sindh. PML-N and PPP are in a strong position to form a government in Federal as well. Hopefully, the process of formation of governments in KPK and Balochistan will also be completed this week. The need of the hour is that the new democratic government to complete its tenure of five years that will strengthen the democratic system in the country as well.

Fauzia Shahid (Senior Journalist): 

There will be a number of challenges for the upcoming government and it will not be an easy task for the upcoming government to put the country on the right track. The main challenge for the new government is to deal with the balance of payment, balance of trade and other economic-related issues. However, all the stakeholders need to sit together and develop mutual consensus to overcome the challenges. The national assembly session is due on 29th February and if the President is not signing the bill then the Speaker National Assembly has the authority to call the session. It is a good development that for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a lady is appointed as the Chief Minister, Punjab. The experienced PML-N politicians will assist to take care of provincial matters in a better way and hopefully will deliver in a befitting way.

Dr Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst):

The present Indian government is not paying attention to the genuine demands of the Indian farmers. Basically, Narendra Modi is trying to isolate the people of Punjab and Haryana as the farmers of these regions are dominating the wheat cultivation in the country. It is the second major March of the Indian farmers to New Delhi and their only demand is to review the crops prices but unfortunately there is continuous violence against the protestors. There is a blockage of internet services in India to hide it from the international community.