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Analyst lauds professionalism of Pakistan’ security forces in defence of country
February 27, 2024

Air Marshal (Retd) Ashfaq Ahmed (Defense Analyst): The defence forces of Pakistan including Air force are committed to defend each inch of our motherland. In 1959, Pakistan Air Force shot down an Indian aircraft and captured two pilots. Again in 2019, Pakistan Air Force once again shot down an Indian aircraft and captured an Indian pilot, offered him a cup of tea and then released him as a goodwill gesture. The Indian Air Force is 3-4 times bigger than Pakistan yet cannot compete with the professionalism, skills, training of the Pakistani Air Force. India needs to realize that whenever India used its air force against Pakistan, it always failed. It is the era of social media and Indian cannot hide its unprofessionalism from the international community. The professionalism of Pakistan defence forces is recognized worldwide and always proved their competence whenever it needed.