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AJK President urges EU to appoint special representative for Kashmir
January 24, 2023

President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry asked the European Union to appoint its special representative for Kashmir to help resolve the lingering issue peacefully.

He made this call while addressing members of the European Parliament, the Belgian Senate and the Belgian Parliament at a dinner party in Brussels.

Highlighting the European countries' significant contribution to defend human rights and seeking settlement of world disputes, Barrister Chaudhry said that there is a dire need of reviving the Kashmir Committee in the European parliament. 

The AJK President expressed hope that the European Union would play its important role in resolving the Kashmir issue and establishing peace and security in South Asia.

Referring to the Indian government's ban on BBC documentary, he said the footage has revealed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's real face before the world.