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Analysts term political settlement of Afghan conflict vital for regional peace, stability
July 28, 2021

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (Expert on International Relations):  Pakistan has been advocating a political settlement of the Afghan dispute. Islamabad believes that collective efforts of all the political stakeholders are imperative for the resolution of Afghan dispute. Pakistan has always made sincere efforts for sustainable peace in Afghanistan. Islamabad believes in constructive engagements for regional peace. Taliban have emerged as political power in Afghanistan. Pakistan has used its leverage to convince the Taliban to find a political settlement of Afghan issue through negotiations. The Kabul administration must act wisely and resolve Afghan issue with mutual consensus. The Kabul government is habitual to play blame games to hide its own failures. The spoilers in Afghanistan are sabotaging every peace effort. Pakistan is always ready to endorse every initiative taken for Afghan peace however we cannot afford to host Afghan refugees. Indian intelligence agencies are using Afghan soil to jeopardize peace in Afghanistan and destabilize Pakistan. Peace in Afghanistan is against the strategic and political interests of India. The United States is using India as a proxy against China. The Kabul administration must lead the peace talks.

Major General, retired, Ejaz Awan (Defense Analyst):  Pakistan has continued to emphasize that there is no military solution to the Afghan conflict and only politically-negotiated settlement can promote peace in the war-torn country. Towards this end, Pakistan has been engaged in serious efforts to facilitate an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace process.  Peace in Pakistan is directly linked with peace in Afghanistan. It is unfortunate that the Kabul Administration failed to find a political solution to the Afghan dispute. The Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process is the ultimate solution of Afghan issue. Islamabad has always desired a peaceful solution to the Afghan crisis. The United States is making an irresponsible withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. It is appreciable that the Taliban are ready to negotiate for settlement of Afghan issue. The regional powers must make collective efforts for Afghan peace. The Kabul government and India are the biggest hurdle in a peaceful solution of Afghan dispute.

Lieutenant General, Retired, Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst): The people of Kashmir have demonstrated full confidence in the policies of PTI-led government in Pakistan. The people of IIOJK have been facing the worst Indian atrocities for the last seven decades. It is high time for Pakistan to exert international pressure on India to stop brutalities in IIOJK. The innocent people of Kashmir have been struggling for achievement of their just right to self-determination.  India aggression, brutalities and atrocities are posing serious threat to regional peace, stability.

Dr. A. Z Hilali (Expert on International Relations): It It is important to underline the need for Afghan government to take pro-active measures to fulfill its responsibility for internal security, law and order and protection of Afghan lives. Pakistan stands ready to extend all possible cooperation in the area of security and effective border management through effective institutional collaboration. The United States hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan may trigger civil war in Afghanistan. Pakistan has paid a huge price for the war on terror. Pakistan's security forces have rendered matchless sacrifices for regional peace. Our region is paying the price of American mistakes. Unfortunately the concerned stakeholders have failed to resolve the Afghan dispute through dialogues.